Angelina's Family Kitchen
always handmade in small batches
Handmade Biscotti

Handmade biscotti is, without a doubt, a labor of love.  Each individual batch of dough is rolled out by hand into a log shape, baked, cooled, sliced on the bias and baked again.  Thus the word "biscotti", meaning twice baked.  

All of my flavors that have chocolate, citrus or dried fruit are all zested, grated  and chopped by hand.  As you can imagine this is a very time consuming process.  However, I do believe that the extra time taken with this step comes through in the flavor and overall texture of the biscotti, at least I hope so!  

I make my own lavender syrup for the lavender lemon hazelnut biscotti.  I do believe that the small touch of this infused syrup gives this biscotti the subtle lavender flavor which helps accentuate the fresh lemon as well as the richness of the hazelnuts.  



(I can happily "dip" any biscotti in chocolate, but these are special order only)

~Traditional~ - Organic Anise Seeds, Almonds
~Traditional Cranberry w/ Orange~ - Anise Seeds, Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Freshly grated orange zest
~Traditional Apricot~ - Anise Seeds, Almonds, Hand chopped dried Apricots (grown & dried by Erickson Ranch)
~Lavender Lemon Hazelnut~ - Dried organic culinary lavender, Freshly grated lemon zest, Hazelnuts
~Coconut Banana~ - Dried Banana Chips, Flaked Coconut, Pure coconut extract
~Chocolate Mocha~ - Semi sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate, Sliced Almonds, Coffee
~Chocolate Cherry~ - Semi sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate, Sliced Almonds, Dried Cherries
~Chocolate Mocha/Peppermint~ - Semi sweet Ghirardelli Chocolate, Almonds, Coffee, Peppermint (Seasonal)
~Mexican Chocolate w/ Chili & Orange~ - Dark, Mexican Chocolate w/chili, Almonds and orange zest
~Pumpkin/Cranberry Spice~ - Fall spices, Sliced Almonds, Dried cranberries (Seasonal or Special Order)
NEW! ~Salted Caramel Chocolate~ Sea Salt Dark Ghirardelli Chocolate, Caramel, Brown Sugar and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  This flavor sells out at almost every event!
Special Order Only
~Blueberry Buttermilk Cake~ -Made with fresh blueberries, Buttermilk, Light drizzle of tart glaze
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Southern Bourbon Apple Cake~ -  Made with local red apples, plump golden raisins, Southern Bourbon~ Bundt Style Cake available in small, med and large
~Rum Walnut Cake~ - Made with Rum, Walnuts, Rum Soaked Raisins, Sour Cream and Honey.  Please "eat" responsibly...
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Carrot Cake w/ Pecans~ - Made with freshly grated carrots, pecans and pineapple. Traditional style frosting!
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake~ - Made with Ghirardelli chocolate cocoa and cream cheese, yumm! Dressed with a light traditional style frosting, dollaped on top with shaved chocolate...  Having a bad day? This cake will make all right with your world!
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Coconut Bundt Cake~ - This moist, dense cake is made with unsweetend coconut milk, sweetened flaked coconut and a lovely light frosting topped with toasted coconut!
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Sour Cream Strussel Cake~ - Sour cream with two layers of strussel, brown sugar, cinnamon and either walnuts or pecans, lightly frosted with a brown butter glaze.  
Bundt Style Cake available in small, med or large
~Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pound Cake~ - Ricotta, fresh lemon juice, fresh blueberries with a light lemon drizzle.  This cake is lovely for breakfast with fresh fruit and cream cheese or as a nice dessert with macerated berries, whoa!  And it's really pretty!
Loaf Style Cake 
~Orange Ricotta Pound Cake~ - Ricotta, fresh orange zest and brandy...  This pound cake does not really need a drizzle, but I would love to make it as you please, so just let me know, usually just dressed with powdered sugar.  Also, this cake if very pretty, yet rustic, well, I think so!  ;-)
Loaf Style Cake available in standard loaf size and small loaf size
~Chocolate Coconut Macaroons~ - Made with Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Chocolate, Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder and dried organic unsweetened coconut shavings, these are gluten free.
~Blonde Coconut Macaroons~  - Made with dried, organic unsweetened coconut shavings, light, airy and as one customer said to me...  "Sweet delicousness", well, I'll go with that description!
~Ginger Cookies~ - Made with fresh ginger, canola oil, cake flour, molasses, these served with fresh lemon curd will make your day!  
~Not your Grandma's Chocolate Chip Cookie~ - Soft and loaded with both semi sweet and dark chocolate chips, always Ghirardelli chocolate, with or without nuts...  I usually use walnuts, but would be happy to substitute.
~Tart Lemon Bars~ - Wow!  I had no idea these were going to become so popular!   A shortbread like crust, freshly squeezed lemon juice and dusted with powdered sugar.  I love lemon and enjoy adding a touch more lemon juice to off set the sweetness. These can be cut on the bias for a party and are very pretty on a platter, or just shoving the entire bar in your mouth in one bite (that's the way I like to eat them!)
Even though not all of my baked goods have nuts, everything is baked in a kitchen containing nuts.  If you or anyone you are ordering for has a severe allergy to nuts, sadly, I suggest you reconsider purchasing my baked goods.  An allergic reaction to nuts can be very serious, the kitchen I prepare and bake in is not a nut free environment.  
Thank you.