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Angelina's Family Kitchen
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About Us

Angelina was my maternal grandmother and my family and I spent much time in my grandparents little kitchen where gatherings centered around food.  As they do in most Italian families.  Although I make a few of my grandmother's dishes, her biscotti is closest to my heart.

While selling at the Green Valley Farmer's Market each Saturday it was surprising to me when I got asked "where in Italy is your family from?"  My Grandmother was from Isernia, SE of Naples, my Grandfather was from Bari on the coast.  I'm only half Italian, but grew up knowing and loving the Italian values and traditions.  My mother is Italian-American and my father was German and Irish.

As a young adult living next door to my grandma (yes, right next door) she made sure that I came over several times after my work day so she could teach me the art of making and baking biscotti.  Little did I know that it's all about the feel of the dough, so with that, it is understandable that the weather plays an important role of how it might or might not turn out.  She had me watch her make it by hand, no mixer used, roll it out, bake, cool, how to cut and then bake again.  I won't lie, I do use a stand mixer.  She would not allow me to touch or mix anything until I had watched her at least several times.  This was a special time in my life.  I was single, worked hard and this time with her allowed us to sit down and visit while the cookies were baking.  I learned a lot about my grandmother and treasure those memories deeply.  This reflection of our time together reminds me now that sometimes it's good to "sit and wait for the cookies to bake" especially in this fast paced life we lead...  But that's just my humble opinion.

So with all of that being said, I named it Angelina's after her, I am simply the baker, but I do hope you enjoy the heart and soul I put into each and everything offered.

In the photo, my grandfather is holding my mom, my aunt Pat is standing next to my grandfather's leg and my grandmother has her arm around my aunt Marie.  I think this is such a sweet photo.

Thank you,


Angelina's Granddaughter and Baker  -   angelinasfamilykitchen@gmail.com

Feel free to email me with any questions you have regarding my product.  All of my homemade baked goods are prepared in a kitchen containing nuts.