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Angelina's Family Kitchen
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Every Thursday from June 4th - October 29th 4-8 pm

Our Benicia Farmers' Market Season will not begin as usual, it has been postponed to start on Thursday June 4th.  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we, as vendors, continue to be advised by the city as to any and all updates.  I will no longer be able to provide any samples until further notice from Solano County.  However, because my product is prepackaged, I am fortunate to be able to attend our upcoming market as a vendor.  That said, I am working on offering prepackaged bags of one biscotti for $0.25 each, that will be considered a "sample".  If you come back to buy a full bag after purchasing your $0.25 sample, I'll reimburse you your quarter!  That way I've stayed well within the guidelines offered to us as vendors and allowed customers to try various flavors.  

Benicia Mainstreet continues to be kind to me and keep me in my same spot in front of Java Point and Sepay Groves Olive Oil.  However, I've been told that they will be changing my spot until things have calmed down a bit.  SO, I have no idea where I'll be on June 4th!  An adventure for all of us!  I have been working on new flavors and slowly "discontinuing" some of the not so popular items.  However, everything is available if ordered well ahead of time, custom!  


Angelina was my maternal grandmother and she taught me how to make traditional Italian biscotti.  The photo you see of her to the right was taken when she was just 16 years old and is one of my favorite photos of her, although I know she would disagree! 

Over the years I've recognized that although I grew up with my grandmother's traditional biscotti, the licorice bite of the anise seed is often considered an acquired taste...  so in addition to the traditional biscotti offerings, I developed other flavors that do not have the anise seed and I hope you enjoy.  In addition to handmade biscotti, I offer several different baked goods. There is a complete, well, almost complete, list of my offerings available to view on the "Our Products" page.



"Why do you have buttons on your bags of biscotti?", is a question I get asked quite frequently.  First of all, it adds a little interest to a boring brown bag.  But most of all it was for my mom.  Back in 2017 we moved my mom and her dog in with us.  She has always been highly creative and artistic.  She wanted a way to help me with my baking and/or packaging.  But my mom did not make biscotti and at this point, had no interest in learning.  Her job became gluing the buttons on the bags and she excelled at it.  Unfortunately, her mixed dementia progressed and she no longer had an interest or the ability to glue them on the bags, so I stopped doing it...  Then the question promptly became "where did the buttons go?"  So, in my mom's honor, I started putting the buttoms back on the bags, it also adds a personal touch to each and every package I complete before offering it to you. 



I have held my California Cottage Food Operators Permit for several years now, and obtaining this allows me to bake and sell from my home.  My dining room was home to my bakery for many years, but I've recently expanded into the living room! My bakery space is clean, efficient and a beautiful, bright place for me to work.  After having used commercial kitchens in the past, obtaining my CFO permit also allows me to be in complete control of my baking environment, which being a bit of a clean freak, is a bonus for me and I believe you too.  There are a few photos of the bakery on my "Photos" page, but I am working on posting additional images.  

Angelina's Family Kitchen is a licensed, registered and insured CFO in Solano County, Calif, #201252

Thank you for visiting my website, everything you see here I did myself so I must apologize if it appears to be a tad "rustic", because it is!